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Speed up the select spells page
Targeting and alerts for saving throw actions
In Progress
Users can import and create spells in plain text
AI image generation for handouts
Players can set any roll to be a damage or healing roll
More ways for setting character stats (point buy, standard array)
Add handouts to campaign overview page
Add default images for all NPCs
Setting token for an NPC template updates all NPCs already on maps
Users can hide the left sidebar
Import / Export universal VTT map format
Players can draw permanently on maps
GMs can convert walls to doors
Characters can have multiple images and quickly switch between them
Folders for maps
Add descriptions to classes, races, backgrounds
Show distance from starting position when dragging a token
GMs have tabs for navigating open maps and campaign overview
GMs can add a pin name that appears on map
GMs can change pin color
Automatically convert race text block into Diceright features
Visual indicator when tokens are stacked on the map
Automatically convert text to class / background / subclass / spell
Players can have multiple segments in ruler
GMs can toggle snap to grid
3d dice rolling
add progress bar to image generation
Marketplace for assets / adventures
Highlight squares a character can move to
Change highlight color tool
Support square tokens
GMs can add more images to a map
Import characters from DnD Beyond
Double clicking not on a token should zoom in
Support animated backgrounds
Support hexagon maps