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GMs can convert walls to doors
Completed 04/28/24
Hot keys
Completed 04/21/24
Support Bard Jack of all Trades feature
Completed 04/08/24
GMs can change pin color
Completed 04/03/24
Fix compendium permissions so players can edit/delete any content they create
Completed 03/27/24
GMs can drag to reorder maps
Completed 03/09/24
Players can drag to reorder items in a character's items list
Completed 03/02/24
GMs can remove players
Completed 02/28/24
Completed 02/09/24
Targeting and alerts for saving throw actions
Completed 01/31/24
Speed up the select spells page
Completed 01/18/24
Do Warlock class
Completed 01/17/24
Undo button when creating wall lines
Completed 01/10/24
GMs can convert walls to windows
Completed 01/10/24
Generate map pin image based on location description
Completed 01/10/24
GMs can toggle grids on and off
Completed 12/30/23
Do Paladin Class
Completed 12/06/23
GMs can undo accidental walls and accidental deletes
Completed 11/28/23
GMs can make walls transparent
Completed 11/25/23
AI image generation for map pin locations
Completed 11/21/23
Players can make and share notes
Completed 11/14/23
GMs have a better map switcher (with images of the maps)
Completed 11/10/23
GMs have the option to edit light source in the light source context menu
Completed 11/08/23
GM can add markers to a map
Completed 11/08/23
GMs have their own layer to keep tokens, images
Completed 11/08/23
Do Druid class
Completed 11/03/23
Players can undo race, class, background selections
Completed 10/28/23
Completed 10/27/23
GMs can search while placing NPC tokens
Completed 10/25/23
Players can delete characters from character sheet page
Completed 10/20/23
Use mouse wheel to zoom
Completed 10/20/23