Online Tabletop Games Simplified
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Fewer Delays
DiceRight keeps track of the simple things for you. You get alerts when needed so play is smoother and moves faster.
More Fun
DiceRight is designed minimize the tedious parts of the game, letting you focus on the most important part - having fun.
Fully Customizable
With DiceRight you can customize everything about your campaign - from classes and races, to currencies and languages.
Simple Alerts
DiceRight has a system of alerts that let you know when you need to do something, like when you take damage or when it's your turn. This helps the game keep moving, with fewer delays.
Build Characters by Level
DiceRight makes it easier to track everything about your characters because you build them level by level. So you're never left wondering how you got a certain stat or where an ability came from.
Dynamic Lighting
Our simple tools let you add walls and lighting to any map.
Customize Everything
You can customize everything about your campaign - the races, classes, items, skills, spells, currencies, languages, and more.
Streamlined Combat
DiceRight automates the monotonous parts of combat. No more asking if you hit, no more asking how much damage you took.
Accessible Everywhere
DiceRight runs right in the browser so no installs are needed and it's easy to get started. It’s even optimized for mobile.
How it Works
Building Characters
Creating Maps
Customizing Everything